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The Asia-Pacific Plant Phenotyping Conference (APPPcon) is a professional phenotyping conference in Asia. The conference was initiated by Dr. David Han from PhenoTrait Technology Co., Ltd., Dr. GrĂ©goire Hummel from Phenospex b.v., and Prof. Chunyi Zhang from Biotechnology Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

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The 1st APPPcon was held in October 19-21,2016, Beijing, China. There are 26 English talks in 1st APPPcon which attracted 200+ attendees from 67 organizations of 13 countries.The conference also received support from 10 sponsors of 6 countries. It's a great success for the 1st APPPcon. Meanwhile, the startup meeting of China Plant Phenotyping Network (CPPN) also held during this conference. (for more details and pictures of 1st APPPcon, please check

The 2nd APPPcon will be held in Nanjing at March 23-25, 2018. The conference have already confirmed 20 keynote speakers from 9 countries. The conference is supposed to attract 300+ attendees from all over the world. (for more details please check