Events in plant phenotyping


IBC Plant Phenotyping Sessions finished

The XIX International Botanical Congress (IBC 2017) was held at Shenzhen,July 23-29, 2017. Over 7000 attendees attended this huge congress. Two Plant Phenotyping Sessions with 24 talks from 7 countries were successfully organized in July 24th and 25th.

Besides the Plant Phenotypnig Sessions, the China Plant Phenotyping Network (CPPN) and International Plant Phentyping Network (IPPN) also organized a joint-meeting in order to find collaboration oppotunities for both parties.

Meanwhile, a booth called "Plant Phenotyping Partners" attracted the eyes of many people. A lot of scientists from plant phenotyping community visited the booth and discuss potential collaborations.

Plant phenotyping is so hot that China Xinhua News interviewed with PhenoTrait and Phenospex.